Wildflower plot has been planted

Everybody has heard about the decline of habitat for pollenating insects and the die-off of bees. Considering the size of property (297 acres) we set aside an area to promote flowers for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Mike staked off an area of the NE field. In May, Peter started the process by turning the soil and found out just how much rock and gravel exists in the county under 1 inch of soil. Peter ordered a variety of seeds and bulbs from Vesey Bulbs (PEI) and came prepared with 6 bags of topsoil.

Along with packets of sunflowers and seeds for bees provided by Mike, Peter has planted:

  • 120 bulbs for Bees and Butterflies
  • 2 Honey Bee Seed Mats
  • 2 Butterfly Garden Seed Mat
  • 2 packets of Hummingbird Seed Garden
  • 2 packets of Sunflower Collection (5 varieties)
  • seeds from BeesMatter.ca

    If you Main road trail, you’ll see an area roped off on your left just as you enter the NE field. Hopefully we’ll have a good crop of flowers that’ll help the local insects and birds. We’ll keep you up to date as the seasons progress.

    This new flower area could be helped out with the installation of some insect / bee homes. A good environmental project for youth.
    Canadian Living – How to Build a DIY Bee Hotel

    Flower seed map
  • Spring Work Weekend – April 28, 2018

    April 28, 2018

    Spring Work Weekend!

    Free camping to the workers and we’ll feed you Saturday lunch too.

    We’ve got a long Project List and looking forward to having many hands help out with checking off a bunch of items.

    Here is a list of some of the major items for our Work Day. This list may change as items are added before April 28th.

    Wade Lodge, cleanup, maintenance
    Trails – clearing
    Generators – servicing
    Pole Barn – cleanup
    Hyde Away Cabin – heater installation
    Kybos (14) – check supplies, LED lighting
    Adirondacks (2) – inspect
    Fire Pits (3) – perimeter, tools, cleanout
    Roads – Holes and filling
    Wells (2) – Proper signage in place and replace if required
    Equipment storage shed – check and inspect and account for all equipment
    Play Structure & Bouldering Wall – inspection and weed removal

    Camp Committee selected

    Peter Smith is pleased to announce the new AHSR Camp Committee has been selected.

    • Chair – Peter Smith
    • Warden (Vice-Chair) – Patrick Wall
    • Deputy Warden (Marketing / Fundraising) – Ian Mollison
    • Treasurer – John Ladds
    • Area Treasurer – Werner Leidtke
    • Administrator – Roxeanne Marberl
    • IT Administrator – open

    We’ve still got the one open position.  The IT Administrator will be primarily responsible for the website, but will also be requested to help in finding groupware applications to help in the sharing and distribution of information with and between the Camp Committee and Ranger Team.

    Volunteer for Camp Committee

    Quebec Council ScoutCon

    Scouters Patrick and Peter attended the first Quebec Council Scouters Conference in Montreal to talk with their Scouters and youth about Apple Hill Scout Reserve.

    We already have several Scout Groups from the east end of Montreal coming to AHSR, so this provided an opportunity to let other Groups know how close we are to Montreal.  Only a 1hr 20min drive from the ScoutCon location.

    We had lots of conversations with Scouters looking for an alternative to Tamaracouta.

    We’re looking forward to seeing if we get some more Quebec Council Groups coming to our camp.


    Camp Committee Chair selected

    Peter Smith was appointed as Chair of the AHSR Camp Committee by Odawa Area Commissioner, Charlene Martens, and Marilyn Johnson, Chair Council Properties.

    In the past, the Camp Committee had been run by the Area Service Team, so Peter’s first task will be to define the required roles and recruit new members.

    Peter has been a Scouter with 8th Orleans for the past 12 years and has helped at many Area and Council level events.  Most recently he was Lead for the Voyageur Council Contingent to CJ17.