Ranger Team

The Ranger Team is primarily responsible for the maintenance and operations of the grounds, buildings and other facilities.  The camp covers 325acres, so there is always something to be fixed, repaired, serviced, built or rebuilt.

The Warden is the leader of the Ranger Team.  There is also a Deputy-Warden to act in his place as needed.  We also have volunteers assisting in the roles of Secretary, Treasurer and Bookings.

On Duty Rangers open the gate and buildings for our Campers and welcome them to our camp.  Conversely, the On Duty Ranger will ensure the camp is secured when the Campers depart.

Other Rangers on the team work to maintain the grounds, buildings and all other aspects of operating a 325 acres camping / wilderness facility.

If you think about how much yard work you need to do around your own home, then you’ll begin to understand how many volunteers are needed to maintain AHSR.