The Apple Hill Scout Reserve was purchased in 1961 through the generous support of the community, by the then Cornwall District, and is one of the few remaining wilderness camps in the Voyageur Council.  Apple Hill Scout Reserve has been the place where thousands of Area youth had their first experience camping in all seasons.  The Scouts Canada Stormont-Glengarry Area, servicing Scouting Groups in Cornwall, Ingleside, St. Andrews, Lancaster, Alexandria, Maxville and Vankleek Hill, managed the camp.

On June 29, 2003, vandals entered the camp, burning the cabin to the ground.  Groupe Renaissance entered into a partnership with the Scouts Canada Stormont-Glengarry Area to assist in the construction of a new structure as well as make other improvements including handicap accessibility.

Beginning in September 2004, Groupe Renaissance, the World Changers, Stormont-Glengarry Area members, and local community worked together to complete the following projects:

  • 2004 – New outdoor Chapel
  • 2005 – New winterized cabin constructed, now called Wade Lodge
  • 2006 – Adirondack shelter was completed to accommodate program for Scouting members of ages 11 to 26, year round.

During the summer of 2011, the Stormont-Glengarry Area was merged with the Odawa Area.  The management of Apple Hill Scout Reserve was then the responsibility of the Odawa Area under the supervision of Council Properties.

In 2012, the Reserve started a revitalization phase to provide additional sleeping quarters and shelters for program activity.

  • 2013 – Construction of a small cabin, Hyde Away, and 2 picnic table shelters
  • 2014 – Addition of 2 more picnic table shelters
  • 2015 – Adirondack shelter in North Field
  • 2019 – Construction of two additional heated and lite cabins, namely the MacKinnon Manor and Odawa House. Each of these cabins sleep 10.