Where do our Campers come from?

AHSR is operated by the Odawa Area of Voyageur Council.  As you can see, our Campers come from far beyond the borders of our Area.

Campers for 2017-2018:

Council Area Group
Guides 1st Cornwall Brownies and Guides
Guides 1st Laggan Guides
Guides 1st Ottawa Trex
Guides 1st Russell Brownies
Guides 2nd Russell Brownies
Guides 40th Orleans Pathfinders
Guides Girl Guides of Canada
Quebec Ohiyo 1st Beaconsfield Heights
Quebec 23rd Saint László – Hungarian Scouts of Montreal
Quebec Montreal West Scout Troop
Quebec Ohiyo Ile Perrot Shawnee Cub Pack
Quebec Ohiyo Kirkland North West Scouts
Voyageur Nepean 123rd Ottawa Troop
Voyageur Nepean 19th Nepean Cub Pack
Voyageur Nepean 1st Kanata Cobra Pack
Voyageur Nepean 1st Kanata Lynx Pack
Voyageur Nepean 1st Kanata Scout Troop
Voyageur Nepean 63rd Ottawa
Voyageur Odawa 1st Blackburn Scouts
Voyageur Odawa 1st Greenwood
Voyageur Odawa 1st Maxville Cubs
Voyageur Odawa 1st Maxville Scouts
Voyageur Odawa 1st Vankleek Hill
Voyageur Odawa 1st Vankleek Hill Scouts
Voyageur Odawa 3rd Cornwall Cubs
Voyageur Odawa 3rd Cornwall Troop
Voyageur Odawa 3rd Orleans Cubs
Voyageur Odawa 4th Orleans Troop
Voyageur Odawa 8th Orleans Pack C
Voyageur Odawa Odawa End of Year Camp
Voyageur Odawa Odawa Fall Cuboree
Voyageur Odawa Odawa Howlers’ Camp/White Tail camp
Voyageur Odawa Odawa Night Owl
Voyageur Odawa Odawa Sub-Zero
Voyageur Scout Craft II Training