Accommodation Rates

Here is a listing of our current Camping Fees for Scouting/Guiding Groups, as of April 8, 2020.

The open areas in the South and North Fields can accomodate 100s of campers and tents, so there is lots of room to spread out.  Multiple Groups can be onsite at the same time and not see each other over the 325 acres.

Camping Fees Duration Cost
Day Use Per Person daily $4.00
Day Use Wade Lodge (maximum 80) daily $20.00
Day Use Hyde Away (maximum 20) daily $10.00
Day Use MacKinnon Manor (maximum 20) daily $15.00
Day Use Odawa House (maximum 20) daily $15.00
Overnight per person overnight to 3pm $5.50
Wade Lodge per night (maximum 25) overnight to 3pm $20.00
Hyde Away per night (maximum 7) overnight to 3pm $10.00
MacKinnon Manor per night (maximum 10) overnight to 3pm $15.00
Odawa House per night (maximum 10) overnight to 3pm $15.00

NOTE: Wade Lodge is heated by wood stove, and has LED lighting and USB charging ports.

NOTE: Hyde Away/MacKinnon Manor/Odawa House are heated with a propane heater. Both MacKinnon Manor and Odawa House have LED lighting and USB charging ports.

For non-Scouting groups, please contact our Bookings person at AHSRBookings[at]