Equipment Rental Rates

We have a variety of camp and program related items available.

The Wade Lodge and Hyde Away are wired to accomodate 120V being supplied by the generator.

  • Popular winter activities are to snowshoe or cross-country ski along the trails to explore the Reserve.
  • Archery is very popular for all Sections
  • Pelletry is available for Scout aged youth (10) and up.  This activity does require a least one adult to have completed the Scouts Canada Rifle Section Officer course.  Contact the Rangers to make arrangements for the course either prior to or even during your camp.
  • GPS units contain waypoints to different locations throughout the camp
  • Set up the Sky Scout in Kitchener Field on a clear night and let it point out the planets, constellations and the far, far away galaxies.
Rental Rates Duration





Generator weekend $50.00 $50.00
Snowshoes / set daily $3.00 $4.00
Skis, poles, boots / set daily $3.00 $4.00
Bows and arrows (all, 10+) with targets daily $30.00 $35.00
Pellet rifles (10) with targets daily $30.00 $35.00
Damaged bow or arrow   $10.00 $10.00
Damaged pellet rifle   $25.00 $25.00
GPS units (3) daily $10.00 $10.00
Sky Scout (1) daily $10.00 $10.00